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I work as a Solar Tech and The Shiatsu Massager really takes the edge off the pain at the end of my day. I’ve suffered lower L4 and L5 back pain for years and extreme shooting pains in my legs from Sciatica Issues. I like to cool off in my work truck between jobs using the massager with the DC adapter.

Plain and Simple, I can’t do my job effectively without this Massage Chair. The massage is strong and really gets in there, unlike other massagers I’ve used that don’t really do the trick. I recommend everyone who works in construction or hard labor get one of these. It’s awesome!

Dave H. , Casper, WY

Solar Technician


Mike and I have been retired for about 5 years now. We are celebrating 50 happy years together and have taken our life on the road. We are constantly busy and trying to keep up with our lovely little grandkids. We are loving life and love to be on the go.

Our Back’s like to say otherwise though….

We found Zarifa while Traveling through Denver and decided to give the Massage Chair a shot. It seemed pricey at first for 500 dollars, but we soon found out it was worth every penny. Mike likes to use his while driving the RV and I love laying in bed with mine. This is by far our favorite Massager we’ve every purchased. The grandkids love it too! 🙂

Linda and Mike, Miami, FL

Retired, Happy Grandparents of 6!

Worked really well, especially for my back and foot pain. I’m on my feet all day at work and the Shiatsu Massager does wonders for my feet. I’ve tried a lot of things to relax after work and this one was worth every penny. Thanks Zarifa USA!


Zach F. , Sandy, UT


My life is hectic with 4 little boys. From School, to Soccer Practice, Recitals and Meals in-between I can’t afford to be down to my back pain. I used to see a massage therapist 4 times a month to deal with my chronic back pain. I was taking a breather at the Pinner’s Convention and noticed the Zarifa Booth across from where I was sitting.

I sat down and was amazed at how well the Shiatsu Massager worked. I immediately bought two (One for home and one for my car) and haven’t wasted money on a Massage Therapist since. My little boys call it my recharge station in the car and get a kick out of the rotating light up massagers.

This has been a welcome sigh of relief in my busy day!

Kelly C. , Portland, OR

Full Time Mother

Music is my life.

I practically live in the studio. Unfortunately that means I’m sitting a lot, and our studio chairs aren’t always the best thing for my back. I picked up Zarifa’s Massage Chair at the Cal State fair, and I haven’t had problems at work since.My sessions can go longer and I’m more productive, without the back pain.

From time to time I’ll even lay it flat on the studio floor, and take quick naps between sessions. Zarifa’s Massage Chair is awesome and lets me continue doing what I love, Making My Music.

Josh R. , Long Beach, CA

Indie Musician

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