Classic Hand Roller Massager by Zarifa


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MASSAGE, STIMULATE, RELAX SORE TIRED ACHING MUSCLES AND BODY PARTS with the self massage glove with metal roller ball wheels that has 9 massaging metal rollers to deliver ultimate relief by targeting sore spots, tight knots and stressed muscle to relax, rejuvenate all parts of your body, upper lower or mid back, neck, shoulders, abdomen, thighs, legs, feet, head, scalp and more. Target pain and pressure points and stimulate key pressure points for instant relaxation and relieve stress.

FLEXIBLE GEL NODULES ON INSIDE STIMULATE AND RELAX WEARER’S HAND. Ingeniously designed flexible soft nodules on the inside on the other side of the metal balls, make the wearer feel comfortable and relaxed. Massaging Glove with metal roller balls is a portable, personal, cordless hand held massager and is perfect as a rolling massaging tool that contours and shapes to various body parts and is the ultimate massaging machine, massage equipment for a flexible person sensual massage.

PERSONAL MANUAL ROLLER BALL MASSAGE GLOVE with large metal roller balls to soothe and gently target pressure points to relieve pressure and tension from sore and tired muscles to bring relief from pain, stress and anxiety is ideal to use as a hand held shiatsu massage roll tool stick or wand. Perfect portable personal massage machine for men, women, adults, seniors, children, kids, man or woman.

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Dimensions 12 x 12 x 12 in


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