ZARIFA TENS Units and TENS Devices

Zarifa Tens Unit

Zarifa Tens Units alleviated back and neck pain cause by various trauma and/or continual strain. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. When injured your body naturally protects itself with a process called muscle guarding. Muscles tighten around an injury as they attempt to immobilize the painful area. Muscle Guarding impairs circulation and increases the pain response in the affected area.

Waste products accumulate, as a decrease in blood supply leads to a decrease in metabolism. Zarifa TENS therapy (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator) breaks the pain cycle and speeds up the natural healing process. We recommend you read more information on How a Tens Units Works to fully understand Zarifa electrotherapy.

What is a Tens Unit?

TENS stands for (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). They are commonly utilized for nerve related pain conditions, both acute and chronic. ZARIFA TENS machines works by distributing stimulated pulses across the surface of the affected area and along the nerve strands that carry pain receptors.

The stimulated pulses subvert the natural nerve pain process, blocking the pain signal from reaching the brain. ZarifaTens devices also stimulate natural pain killers, in your own body, called “endorphins”.

What is an EMS Device?

E.M.S. stands for (Electrical Muscle Stimulation). which are predominately used to prevent, or reduce, muscle atrophy. Atrophy is the weakening and loss of muscle tone, which is usually experienced after surgeries or injuries. EMS has been proven to be an effective means of preventing muscle atrophy. EMS also helps by increasing blood flow to muscles, increasing range of motion, increasing muscle strength, as well as enhancing muscle endurance. EMS has pain management attributes in helping muscle related pain, such as a spastic muscle, sore muscles, or tight muscles.

Both methods have been proven to be an effective pain therapy option to help ease the effects of acute or chronic pain.

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