Top 8 Shiatsu Chair Benefits

Jade Heat

Zarifa Massage Chair nodes are patented Jade with Heating Nodes. When they light up you know they are working. The Heat is trapped in the Massage Chair comfort Cushion and permeates throughout the entire chair.

Multiple Techniques (Modes)

Zarifa Massage Chairs come with multiple massage nodes to accommodate your back pain needs. Generally, there is a strong shiatsu rotating massage, and a less intense rolling massage. Both modes relieve pressure, strengthen the back, and provide instant relief.

Breaks Up Deep Tissue Scarring

Shiatsu Massage also helps in breaking up scar tissue and prevents the creation of more (excessive) scar tissue formation. This goes for internal scar tissue (adhesions) as well as scars on the outside of the skin.

Dual use as Foot Massager

Lay your Zarifa Massage Chair flat to defeat plantar fasciitis and to relieve nasty foot pain. The deep kneading massage nodes work just as well on your feet.

Degenerative Disc Relief

Degenerative Disc Disease pinches nerves and causes immense pain in your lower back that in turn cause muscle spasms and issues in the muscles surrounding your spine. Shiatsu Massage loosens these muscles that are pulling on problem disc area’s and allows your back to relax.

Strengthen Back Muscles

The deep shiatsu massage that our Zarifa Massage Chair provides breaks down muscle fibers that in turn build themselves back up into stronger healthier forms.

Melt Tension With Shoulder Targeting

Melt away those pesky tension points that like to sit right at the base of your neck and above your shoulders. The shiatsu jade rollers dig in deep and get the job done.

Activate Endorphins For Comfort

Shiatsu Massage applies pressure to you’re bodies pressure points, located throughout your various muscle groups. This pressure releases the natural endorphins in one’s brain.

These endorphins are the body’s natural painkillers and while you might feel some pain when receiving the treatment, the release of the endorphins should make you feel energized soon after and for several days after the treatment.